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Connecting Data, People and Ideas since 2016.

Welcome to the brave new Connected Data World

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 The leading conference for those who use the relationships, meaning and context in Data to achieve great things is shapeshifting. We're keeping up with the times, in keeping with our character.


We've been connecting data, people, and ideas since the early aughts. Connected Data London has been a labor of love for us. Connected Data World is a new chapter in this story. Here's what it's about.


Connected Data London: The story so far


We are like you. Practitioners, enthusiasts, data geeks extraordinaire. We are looking for insights in data, order in chaos, and meaningful connections. We love messing and meddling with data, graphs, algorithms, semantics. It’s more than a job – it’s a passion.


Back in 2016, we felt something was missing from the events picture. An event that is focused, but not niche. Inclusive, but selective. An event that is vendor neutral and no-nonsense. An event that gets today’s leaders and tomorrow’s innovators together, and lets everyone mingle and share the knowledge.


We wanted an event that connects more than data and technology – an event that connects people and ideas. So we made the road by walking, and put our money where our mouth was: we started our own event.


Connected Data London has been connecting data, people, and ideas since 2016. We have organized tens of events over the years, from Meetups to our flagship London event. We take pride in having hosted the likes of Bayer, BBC, Facebook Research, Microsoft, Google, GSK, IBM, NASA, Thomson Reuters, Wolfram and Uber.


We have pioneered concepts that are being picked up, and becoming mainstream. We like to think we've helped push the envelope of Knowledge Graphs, Graph Databases, Graph AI and Semantic Technology before it was cool. But none of that is what we really count as our greatest success.


It's the relationships we've built with the people who have attended our events over the years. These are real people, not numbers, screen names, or avatars. Whether it's attendees, sponsors, or our crew. We've grown together, and helped grow the domain as we went along.


2020 was a learning experience for us, just like everyone else. We've long considered going global, but we never thought it would happen that way. Our Meetups throughout the year, normally taking place in London and Berlin, were the first ones that had to be taken online. Eventually, we realized it would not be possible to bring you Connected Data London 2020 the way we planned it. So we took our lineup, vision and know-how online and brought you Knowledge Connexions.


It's 2021, but it seems the world is still at a standstill. At the same time, something else is happening too. Connected data is exploding. More use cases, more innovation, more vendors and more enthusiasts than ever.


The brave new Connected Data World


We felt that was a good time to pause for a while, have a look at how far we’ve come, and draw inspiration for the path ahead of us. We are relaunching as what we have de facto become: Connected Data World. Here's what you can expect from us:


Connecting Data: A knowledge repository. Counting the years from 2016 to today makes for a long time in technology. However, good ideas, and good speakers, are timeless. Our back catalog includes amazing speakers and topics.


We want to enable all of them to get the recognition they deserve. We have reorganized our material, making it easier for everyone to discover and browse through it by topic and year. Stay tuned, as we’ll keep adding to it.


Connecting People: A series of events. Ahead of the curve topics. Hand-picked speakers we meaningfully engage with and learn from ourselves. A friendly, respectful environment, a human touch, and spotless organization. In other words, everything that's been the trademark of Connected Data London - except virtual.


We had the first one in this series of events for 2021 in April. Learning with the Machines was centered around graph-based data science and machine learning, and it was everything we wanted it to be: focused, lively, and interactive. Stay tuned, as there’s more coming soon.


Connecting Ideas: A platform for sharing. Our online presence has always been a mix of new topics that pique our interest, and oldies but goodies. We believe in curation as much as we believe in giving everyone a chance to share their best work. If you want to bring something to our attention – give us a shout-out.


Our social media is the place to learn about the latest news, research, trends, and ideas. Our newsletter is where you can receive exclusive offers and make sure you never miss out on our events. Our blog, video and podcast channels is where you find quality content. Stay tuned, and enjoy.


Welcome to the brave new Connected Data World