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Graph Databases leverage connections in data. They make expressing and querying them easy and powerful

This is your source for all things Graph Databases: Pointers to our sessions, industry news and editorials.

25 June 2024
Dates, venue, call for submissions and volunteers, program committee, chairs, and initial lineup announced. Connected Data is back in London, for what promises to be our biggest, finest and more
19 February 2024
Participate in shaping the Connected Data 2024 Agenda with the cutting-edge advancements of Knowledge Graphs, Graph Databases, Graph AI and Semantic Technology, and win a FREE ticket to London edition.
10 July 2023
JSON is the de facto data format for developers today because it’s easy to use, but it’s not without its issues. JSON-LD builds on top of JSON, facilitating enterprise data
28 March 2022
A recap of CDW21, plus announcing our first in-person Meetup in over 2 years, and the first book on Personal Knowledge Graphs! Are you a runner, or a professional? That's
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