Founded in 2016, Connected Data London defined a new domain, pushing boundaries in Knowledge Graphs, Graph Databases, Analytics, AI, Data Science, and Semantics Technology alongside our community and partners.

We're practitioners, enthusiasts, and data geeks on a mission for insights, order, and connections in data. Our events bridge the gap between focused and inclusive, vendor-neutral and no-nonsense, bringing leaders and innovators together to share knowledge.

Since 2016, we've fostered relationships and pioneered concepts in a domain now exploding with use cases and enthusiasm.

We wanted an event that connects more than data and technology – an event that connects people and ideas. So we made the road by walking, and put our money where our mouth was: we started our own event. Expect a knowledge repository, curated events, and a platform for sharing ideas at the upcoming Connected Data London 2024.

Connecting Data, People and Ideas since 2016.

Connected Data World 2021  All Rights Reserved.

Connected Data is a trading name of Neural Alpha LTD.

Edinburgh House - 170 Kennington Lane
Lambeth, London - SE11 5DP

Community, Events, Thought Leadership.


For those who use the Relationships, Meaning and Context in Data to achieve Great things



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Connecting Data, People and Ideas since 2016.

19 February 2024
Participate in shaping the Connected Data 2024 Agenda with the cutting-edge advancements of Knowledge Graphs, Graph Databases, Graph AI and Semantic Technology, and win a FREE ticket to London edition.
10 July 2023
JSON is the de facto data format for developers today because it’s easy to use, but it’s not without its issues. JSON-LD builds on top of JSON, facilitating enterprise data
28 March 2022
A recap of CDW21, plus announcing our first in-person Meetup in over 2 years, and the first book on Personal Knowledge Graphs! Are you a runner, or a professional? That's
01 December 2021
Connected Data World 2021 Program Announced! Adding context to data turns it to information. Processing information turns it to knowledge. The keys to these transformations are connections and metadata.  Knowledge
15 April 2021
Open source Graph AI, Search and Data Science with Python. Connected Data Meetup, 15-16 April 2021 What does graph have to do with machine learning? A lot, actually. Machine learning,
30 November 2020
  Connecting data, people, and ideas. Building a global knowledge ecosystem November 30th - December 2nd 2020 Adding context to data turns it to information. Processing information turns it to knowledge.
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