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Connecting Data, People and Ideas since 2016.




Connecting People, Data, and Apps Without Centralization


Elegant and Scalable Code Querying with Code Property Graphs


What are we Talking About, When we Talk About Ontology?


RAPIDS cuGraph – Accelerating all your Graph needs


One Ontology, One Data Set, Multiple Shapes with SHACL


Understanding Connected Data through Visualization


A Semi-Automatic Tool for Linked Data Integration


Semantic similarity for faster Knowledge Graph delivery at scale


Ontology Services for the Biomedical Sciences


Enterprise Data Governance: Leveraging Knowledge Graph & AI in support of a data-driven organization


Powering Question-Driven Problem Solving to Improve the Chances of Finding New Medicines


Dow Jones: Reimagining the News as a Knowledge Graph


Develop A Basic Recommendation System using Cypher


Knowledge Graphs and AI to Hyper-Personalise the Fashion Retail Experience at Farfetch


Graph Database Use Cases: Why and How Graph is being used for Data Harmonization and Analytics


Graph in Apache Cassandra. The World’s Most Scalable Graph Database


Graph for Good: Empowering your NGO


Schema, Google & The Future of the Web


Augmented Analytics and the Petabyte knowledge graph (in your Enterprise already)


The Largest Graph of Human Activity at Work ever Created


In Search of the Universal Data Model



Panel Discussions



Connecting data, decentralizing the web, making it sustainable: can the semantic web do this? | Panel Discussion


Graph Databases Will Rule the World in the 2020s. But Why, and How? | Panel Discussion

From Semantics and SEO to Knowledge Graphs, and Back Again| Panel Discussion



Connected Data London 2019 Talks

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