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11 July 2021

Cognitive Computing for the delivery of healthcare

by Spyros Kotoulas,


IBM Research





Slideshare notes
  • 1. 2/3 Cases already known to the authorities. (UK) 2 90% Yearly social worker turnover. (US) 4 4 U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 42% Social workers ending the day with serious concerns about at least one of their cases. (UK) 3 3 Unison and Community Care, "Social Work Watch Report, reveals-pressure-social-work-places-practitioners-home-lives/ 2 652K Yearly calls to Childline Ireland. 71% were answered. (Ireland) 1 1
  • 2. Child Welfare Intake Screening decision Individuals involved Nature of the allegation Family situation Guidelines and processes Screen out Screen In 24 hours 10 days
  • 3. Human touch Background information Guidelines and processes

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