Call for Volunteers


We are looking for volunteers to work with our team and help bring this top tier event to life. We are looking for people who are open, responsible and social to fill in a number of roles. 


Selected applicants will get the chance to attend the event for free, learn new skills, boost their career and get references from Connected Data London.


Check our Call for Volunteers for more details and to apply, and help spread the word!


Initial Lineup

We are thrilled to announce the first spakers for CDL24! Stay tuned for more announcements.

Jessica Talisman. Senior Information Architect, Adobe


As an Information Architect, Jessica applies her extensive experience and education in data architecture, taxonomy, and ontology to build information systems that enhance user experience, support business goals, and enable machine learning.


Jessica has a Master of Library and Information Science with a concentration in Informatics and a MicroMasters in Design Thinking, which equip me with the skills and knowledge to create solid information frameworks with extensibility and interoperability.


Jessica has over 25 years of experience in developing and implementing enterprise architecture, e-commerce content structures, knowledge management systems, digital libraries, taxonomies, ontologies, and knowledge graphs for various domains and purposes.


Jessica uses rigorous research, information standards, and data clarity to add meaning and context to any content. She is passionate about leveraging data to benefit all stakeholders and society; and always eager to learn new technologies and methods and share her knowledge with others.

Tony Seale. Knowledge Graph Architect, UBS


An experienced software architect and polyglot programmer with a proven track record of successfully delivering Knowledge Graphs into production for Tier 1 investment banks.


Tony can guide the creation of Enterprise Knowledge Graph architecture. He has deep knowledge of the relevant technologies (data pipelines, triplestore optimisation, API and service design, graph neural networks, and graph visualisation) and the soft skills required to lead development teams and interface with stakeholders at all levels.


Tony has been exclusively focused on building decentralised Knowledge Graphs for the last ten years and he has given talks, produced videos and written articles to promote the technology.

Matthew Adams. Head of Generative AI Security, Citi


Matthew is a CISSP and CCSP certified Enterprise Security Architect with a passion for Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its applications in cyber security.


Matthew has a proven track record in designing, assessing, and implementing robust security solutions to safeguard business-critical assets. His key strengths include architecting security solutions with a defense-in-depth approach, strategic thinking, obtaining buy-in from senior stakeholders, and extensive experience in defining and delivering security improvement programs to achieve a step change in organisational cyber security maturity levels.


In addition to his security expertise, Matthew has developed several tools that leverage Generative AI technologies to address challenges in cyber security, including Threat Modelling and Security Awareness.


These innovative solutions demonstrate his commitment to staying at the forefront of emerging technologies and their potential to transform the cyber security landscape.

Paco Nathan, a renowned "player/coach," excels in data science, machine learning, and cloud computing with 40 years of industry experience.


He advises Amplify Partners, IBM Data Science Community, Recognai, KUNGFU.AI, and Primer, and leads PyTextRank development.


Formerly with Databricks and Apache Spark, he was named among the Top 30 People in Big Data and Analytics by Innovation Enterprise in 2015.


Katariina Kari, with dual Master’s in Science and Music, specializes in the semantic web, notably having led the creation of IKEA Knowledge Graph and Zalando’s Fashion Knowledge Graph to enhance customer experience.


She leverages graph technologies to improve e-commerce operations within the lifestyle sector.

Amy E. Hodler is graph advisor and consultant. With decades of commercial experience, including Neo4j and RelationalAI, she promotes graph technology in various industries and has founded the GraphGeeks community to foster cross-discipline interaction.


Amy is highlighted as a distinguished speaker by G-Research and has authored/contributed to several books including Graph Algorithms (O’Reilly).

Paco Nathan. Co-chair, Edges Track

Katariina Kari. Co-chair, Educational Track

We are truly honored to have distinguished members of the Connected Data community by our side to bring Connected Data London to life.


Our Program Committee consists of Leaders and Innovators who bring years of experience in research and industry to the event.

Amy E. Hodler. Co-chair, Nodes Track


We are calling leaders and innovators to share use cases and breakthroughs made possible using Knowledge Graphs, Graph Data Science and AI, Graph Databases and Semantic Technology.


Submissions are open across 4 areas.

  • Presentations. Real world use cases and innovative approaches. Sessions presented live, with live streaming and post-event replays available. 25-minute presentations plus 10 minutes moderated Q&A. Abstract submission required. Presentations on 3 tracks.

  • Nodes track. Focus on use cases, presentations with little technical details aimed primarily at a business audience.

  • Edges track. Focus on innovation, presentations with some technical details aimed at both business and technical audiences. 

  • Educational track. Focus on applications, presentations with more technical details aimed primarily at a technical audience.

  • Masterclasses: Hands-on tutorial in which instructors teach attendees skills they can use in their daily work. 2-hour long sessions. Material can be split over more than one 2-hour long session. Detailed description submission required; template here.

  • Workshops: A panel of experts on a moderated conversation on a topic, engaging with the audience in a structured way. 2-hour long sessions. Detailed description submission required; template here.

  • Unconference: One or more moderators define a theme for an impromptu session, inviting participants to engage, contribute and shape a 2-hour long session. Abstract submission of ideas / themes required.


Important Dates


September 16, 2024 — Submission Deadline


October 7, 2024 — Notification of Acceptance


December 11, 2024 — Masterclass Day


December 12, 2024 — Conference Day; Presentations & Keynotes


December 13, 2021 — Workshops & Unconference Day



Call for Submissions and Event Format

Program Committee and Chairs

25 June 2024

Connected Data London 2024 Announcement: December 11-13, etc Venues St. Paul’s, City of London

Dates, venue, call for submissions and volunteers, program committee, chairs, and initial lineup announced.


Connected Data is back in London, for what promises to be our biggest, finest and more diverse event to date.


Join us in the City of London on December 11-13 at etc Venues St. Paul’s for a tour de force in all things Knowledge Graph, Graph Analytics / AI / Data Science / Databases and Semantic Technology.


Read on to learn more about the event’s format, our Program Committee and Chairs, Call for Submissions and Volunteers, and the first speakers to join our lineup.

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