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01 June 2021

Data Revolution: The Emergence of the Decentralized Enterprise Knowledge Graph

A talk by Tony Seal,


Information Architect






An AI tsunami is on the rise, and the past few months have only amplified it. To survive it and thrive in tomorrow’s economy, organizations big and small must rethink the way they do business. To do this, a radical shift in the way they work with their data is needed. And no, we don’t mean Big Data.


By now, most organizations have gotten their Big Data. And that is a problem. Not because we can’t accommodate Big Data, but because the more data you have, the harder it becomes to connect it and use it. We need to go beyond Big Data, towards Connected Data.


We’ll show how enterprises can use decentralized Knowledge Graphs to vastly increase the connectivity of their data, drawing on hard won experience of architecting and successfully delivering innovative technical projects for the world’s largest financial organisations.



Large enterprises that want to survive the AI tsunami must undergo a profound transformation in the way they think about their data. It starts by accepting that they need to link a large percentage of ALL their data together into a unified whole.


Achieving this will require a radical rethink of some established ideas about enterprise data integration. The truth is meaningful data doesn't exist in isolation; everything is positioned within the context of everything else.


That is why the future of data is graph shaped … but what are graphs and what is so great about them?


Knowledge Graphs are a really powerful tool, but on their own, they are not enough to transform enterprise data integration. We also need to get our heads around the complex idea of decentralisation. In a decentralised data mesh, the responsibility for data integration is pushed down to the individual applications.


Unbeknownst to most people, a third of all web pages now contain little islands of data that help the search engines build their knowledge graphs. Enterprises do not need to reinvent the wheel to build themselves a Decentralised Enterprise Knowledge Graph. They can just take this battle-hardened web tech and use it behind their firewall to connect their internal data.


In other words, the tools for this job already exist but enterprises are not yet using them internally. In this talk, we’ll share the hard won experience of how this was done for the world’s largest financial organizations.

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