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26 April 2019

From Graphs to a Knowledge Base

Haikal Pribadi of GRAKN.AI joins us for this talk to provide an overview of the latest thinking in graph databases, knowledge graphs and semantic technology. The talk will cover GRAKN's experience working with graphs and knowledge bases, how these techniques & technologies allow efficient modelling of complex domains, and how a reasoning query language simplifies querying complex data by retrieving implicitly derived information. The talk will cover the theory, practice and end with a live demonstration of these techniques in action.


For an application to be more intelligent, it needs to know more. To know more, an application needs more information. And with more information, the resulting dataset not only becomes highly interconnected, but also increasingly complex to model and query. Intelligent applications therefore require a knowledge base to store and query more complex data. A knowledge base requires more intelligent modelling and querying capabilities than what current databases provide.

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