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07 November 2018

Graph intelligence: the future of data-driven investigations

RDF and graph databases are on the rise. The performances, flexibility, and scalability of these systems are attracting a large number of organizations struggling with complex and connected data. While the graph approach offers several advantages, finding insights into the enormous volume of data remains a challenge.


In this presentation, we will introduce Graph Intelligence, an advanced combination of human and computer-based intelligence to find insights faster in complex connected datasets. We will explain why we believe this approach is the future for teams of investigators fighting financial crime, national security threats or cyber attacks.


From this presentation, you will learn:


  • The nature and benefits of the Graph Intelligence approach
  • How to build a platform leveraging graph technology
  • Real-life examples of money laundering and financial crimes detection and investigation



Jean Villedieu



Head of Sales and Co-Founder, Linkurious











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