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07 November 2018

GraphQL and its schema as a universal layer for database access

GraphQL is a query language mostly used to streamline access to REST APIs. It is seeing tremendous growth and adoption, in organizations like Airbnb, Coursera, Docker, GitHub, Twitter, Uber, and Facebook, where it was invented.

As REST APIs are proliferating, the promise of accessing them all through a single query language and hub, which is what GraphQL and GraphQL server implementations bring, is alluring.


A significant recent addition to GraphQL was SDL, its schema definition language. SDL enables developers to define a schema governing interaction with the back-end that GraphQL servers can then implement and enforce.


Prisma is a productized version of the data layer leveraging GraphQL to access any database. Prisma works with MySQL, Postgres, and MongoDB, and is adding to this list.


Prisma sees the GraphQL community really coming together around the idea of schema-first development, and wants to use GraphQL SDL as the foundation for all interfaces between systems.




Nikolas Burk



Developer Relations, Prisma











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