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30 April 2019

GSQL Real-time Deep Link Pattern Analytics & Azure Cosmos DB in capital markets

Talk #1 - Dr. Mingxi Wu, Tigergraph



Title: Real-time Deep Link Pattern Analytics with GSQL: Expressive Yet Easy-To-Use Graph Query Language


Brief: Graph query language is the key to unleashing the value of interconnected data. The talk discusses the prerequisites of a graph query language for successful implementations of real-world graph use cases. It also surveyed the pros and cons of three graph query languages - Cypher, Gremlin, and SPARQL. Finally, The talk will present GSQL, which shows TigerGraph's vision of a standard graph query language. We will focus on real-time deep link pattern analytics and accumulator, the two must-have ingredients of an expressive yet easy-to-use graph language. The talk will share examples with use cases such as next-generation fraud detection, anti-money laundering, and recommendation engine.


Bio: Mingxi Wu is the VP of Engineering at TigerGraph and is focused on building the platform as well as graph query language that powers the only scalable graph database for the enterprise. Before TIgerGraph, Mingxi led development teams at Ad-Tech startup Turn (acquired by Amobee), Oracle Relational Database Optimizer Group, and Microsoft SQL Server Manageability Group. He has won research awards from SIGMOD, VLDB, and KDD and holds several patents on big data and pending patents on graph management. Mingxi received his Ph.D. from the University of Florida, where he specialized in database and data mining




Talk #2 - Pete Hawtree and Radu Petre of Lab49



Title: Azure Cosmos DB in capital markets


Brief: Many financial calculations require management of the calculation dependencies and Azure Cosmos DB presents a managed cloud solution to achieve it. Combining Azure Cosmos DB graph capabilities with Azure Functions allowed us to build an enrichment and calculation engine with a minimal amount of code. During this talk, we will run a quick demo and discuss the lessons learned.


Bio: Pete Hawtree and Radu Petre work for Lab49 - strategy, design and technology consulting firm. With experience in building risk aggregation and regulatory reporting solutions for tier 1 financial institutions, they are now looking into assisting financial services firms with the implementation of the cloud-native systems.

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