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08 March 2017

How the Telecoms industry leverage triple-store technologies

In this talk regular contributor to the Connected Data group Valerio Malenchino talked through his experiences of applying connected data technologies within the telecoms sector at Ontology.


For Network Operators, knowing their network is much harder than it should be. Telecomms networks are built with many technology layers (e.g. Optical, MPLS, IP, Ethernet, ...) containing equipment from many vendors, managed using individual tools. This variety leads to a fragmented view of 'the network', making any unified management and troubleshooting operation expensive, slow and error prone.


Valerio talked through how Ontology work through challenges such as:


- Integrating data from disparate sources - management systems, inventories, customer relationships management tools, omnipresent spreadsheets etc.

- Build unified (and fully linked) views of networks, services, and customers.

- Leverage RDF triple-store technology to represent the data as a graph


This talk quickly describes Ontology 5, then demo the product in real usage scenarios, and finally analyse the impacts that the graph representation has on Ontology 5. These impacts will be presented as a list of issues and related Ontology 5 solutions.

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