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13 July 2021

Javier Godar / Stockholm Environment Institute




Javier co-founded the Trase platform and leads the development of the SEI-PCS approach that underlies the information provided by Trase. His primary focus during the last 15 years has been on understanding transitions towards more sustainable land-use systems in the forested tropics, with especial focus in South America.


Javier focuses also on mapping for the Trase platform the flows of globally traded commodities, such as soy, beef or palm oil; the aim is to identify their regions of production and to allocate the impacts generated along the supply chain (e.g. deforestation, biodiversity losses, transportation emissions) to the actors demanding those products downstream (e.g. traders, consumers, investors).


Based on the insights provided by this data Javier contributes with research towards understanding mechanisms of agricultural frontier formation, assessing the effects of zero-deforestation commitments and of tropical conservation and rural development policies, and the quantification of emissions in different supply chain steps. These works are supported by the Swedish EPA, Formas and various Trase donors, including the Moore Foundation, the EC and GEF.







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Tackling climate change through agricultural supply chain transparency



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