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02 November 2020

Knowledge Connexions 2020: A journey to the top of the data pyramid

This is the story of how Knowledge Connexions came to be, and what it's all about: Connecting data, people, and ideas to build a global knowledge ecosystem


2020 has been a tough year. We all had to learn to adapt. For events, it meant having to reinvent everything. This is how we at Connected Data London are evolving together with our community, connecting data, people, and ideas.


It's not often that you see a leading event which is not organized by an event management business, or a vendor. Connected Data London is run by people who are themselves members of the community. We have been contributing to, using, and evangelizing knowledge-based technology since the early 2000s.


From Data to Knowledge


It all starts with data. Data is a collection of facts in a raw or unorganized form, such as numbers or characters. Without context, data does not mean much.


For example, “02122020” is just a sequence of numbers. But if we define this sequence as a date in the DDMMYYY format, we can then interpret it as the 2nd of December, 2020. With this added context, the numbers acquire a meaning.


Information is data that has been processed in a way that makes it easier to measure, visualize and analyze for a specific purpose.


For example, we can organize our data in a way that exposes relationships between various seemingly disparate and disconnected data points. We can analyze the performance of the Dow Jones index by creating a graph of data points for a particular period of time, based on the data at each day’s closing.


Knowledge is information that has been processed, organized and structured, applied or put into action.

For example, by capturing and expressing the meaning of relationships pertaining to our data points, we can automate insights, and extract new knowledge. A knowledge graph of semantic relationships can help explain how certain stocks influence the Dow Jones index, and how certain events may affect prices.

The representation of the relationships among data, information, knowledge and -ultimately- wisdom, known as the data pyramid, has long been part of the language of information science.


Digital transformation has made this structure relevant beyond the confines of information science. We all know that COVID-19 has brought years' worth of digital transformation in just a few short months.

In the new knowledge-based digital world, encoding and making use of business and operational knowledge is the key to making progress and staying competitive.


Graph Databases, Semantic Technology, Knowledge Graphs and Graph AI


Graph Databases, Semantic Technology, Knowledge Graphs and Graph AI are solid building blocks that support this process.


Data can live in anything from flat files and documents to relational databases. If you want to leverage connections in your data, however, there’s no better option than Graph Databases. They make expressing and querying connections far easier and more powerful than other alternatives.


Adding metadata and cataloguing facilities to datasets, and providing the schema and structure of the relationships in data, elevates their utility. Semantic Technology provides the means to add this context and meaning to data.


What we get by connecting data, and adding semantics to information, is an interconnected network that is more than the sum of its parts. This graph-shaped amalgamation of data points, relationships, metadata and meaning is what we call a Knowledge Graph.


Although in early stages of development, Graph AI is extraordinarily promising. Most machine learning methods focus on learning from two-dimensional data. Graphs can help machine learning process three-dimensional data, and knowledge graphs can help machine learning systems bootstrap. Machine learning can also help build knowledge graphs.








Knowledge Connexions: a paradigm shift


To be able to be a part of the monumental paradigm shift under way, mastering these technologies is key. Connected Data London has always been the independent go-to event where people come together to share ideas and experience with peers, and learn from experts and innovators.

In 2020, like every year, our plan was to run a series of community Meetups in London and Berlin, as well as our flagship event in London towards the end of the year. Like every year, we started planning as soon as the year started. This year, things did not go exactly as planned, but we managed to stay connected while staying safe.

We transitioned to online events, running a series of online Meetups. We showed how Graph Analytics & Knowledge Graphs facilitate COVID-19 research. We started sharing our voice via the Connected Data London Podcast.

We brought together prominent members of our community and discussed everything from our vision for the future to how we use the technologies we talk about. And we shared how Knowledge Graphs can catalyze digital transformation and AI in the enterprise and beyond.

Now it's time to see 2020 off in style. Knowledge Connexions is our new global event on all things Knowledge Graphs, Graph Databases, Graph AI and Semantic Technology, brought to you in collaboration with the Knowledge Graph Conference.


From November 30 to December 2, 3 days full of Workshops, Masterclasses and Presentations by leading experts and innovators.


November 30 is our Workshop day. Our panels, bringing together top minds to explore and share knowledge, have always been a hit. This year they are bigger, better, more, and on the loose.

We spun them out on a day of their own, November 30, extended their duration, and designed them in a way that mixes expert discussion and audience interaction. This where you get to rub shoulders with industry leaders, learn from their experience, and interact.


December 1 is our Masterclass day. We introduced our hands-on sessions in 2019, and they are already legendary: everything was sold out, and your feedback was amazing.


Masterclasses are designed to get you up to speed with practical skills you can use in your day-to-day work. Top experts share the secrets of their craft, making sure you get the most out of it.


December 2 is our Presentation day. With Keynotes from Data Artist Kirell Benzi and AI Prodigy Gary Marcus. With industry use cases from the likes of Intel and Lyft. A day full of innovation, applications, interaction and networking. 


Join Knowledge Connexions, and be a part of the paradigm shift.


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