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01 July 2019

Life Sciences at Connected Data London 2019

Life Sciences have historically been a premium application domain for knowledge graphs and semantic technology. Connected Data London is announcing a special Life Sciences track featuring leaders and innovators from Bayer, EMBL-EBI, GSK, and the University of Manchester to explore use cases and advances in the domain.


The enormous amount of data organizations involved in activities such as drug discovery and repurposing or clinical trials, and the fact that this data has special needs, has made Life Sciences a premium application domain for Connected Data technology.


Provenance, linking, quality assessment, reasoning, and applying FAIR principles to ensure that data is Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable are all things knowledge graphs and semantic technology excel at. This is why there are many Pharma organizations who have been championing the use of this technology, with adoption on the rise. And the experts are pointing towards this too.


According to a survey published in Accenture’s Life Science Tech Vision 2018, 99% of Life Sciences executives expect the volume of data exchanged with their ecosystem partners to increase significantly over the next two years.


recent analysis by Frost & Sullivan pointed out that AI-based platforms and solutions have the potential to open new paths for therapeutic development, thanks to the technology’s ability to crunch multi-source data.


We are excited and honored to host Bayer’s Alexandra Grebe de Barron, EMBL-EBI’s Simon Jupp, GSK’s Samiul Hasan, and University of Manchester’s Robert Stevens, who will share their knowledge with us.



Alexandra Grebe de Barron, Bayer IT Business Partner for Real World Evidence promotes linked & FAIR data to enable advanced analytics. She drives innovative collaborative initiatives for pharma data curation and integration.



Simon Jupp is the Technical coordinator and Ontology project lead at the European Bioinformatics Institute. Simon oversees the development of a “Semantics as a Service” platform to enable scientists, database curators, and software developers to work with ontologies.



Samiul Hasan is GSK Data & Computational Sciences Solutions Scientific Lead. His passion is using computational techniques including semantic technologies to enhance scientific decision making, and get better treatments faster.



Robert Stevens is a Professor of Computer Science at the School of Computer Science at the University of Manchester. His primary research area is in knowledge representation and application to the biomedical domain. He believes data is only as good as its metadata, and ontologies are a good way of delivering that meaning to data.


Looking forward to seeing you on October 3 & 4! Full program has been announced, and it’s full of leaders and innovators in knowledge graphs, graph databases, AI, machine learning, linked data and semantics. In addition, by getting tickets for our Labs on October 3, you automatically get additional combo discounts!


Our special thanks goes to James Malone, SciBite CTO, for his invaluable help in realizing the Life Sciences track.


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