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03 September 2020

Meet the Connectors: CDL2020 Online Meetup, June 29.

Join in the Future of the Future!

2 months after our April Online Meetup, we are setting up another one; only better!


This edition of Connected Data London’s online Meetup is special.


We will talk about a 2020 vision, for the Semantic Web, no less.


We will explore a brief history of all things Graph Analytics, Graph AI, Knowledge Graphs, Graph Databases, and their use cases.


And we will see how Graphs are having an impact in Sustainable Finance use cases.


We have 3 talks, and one overarching theme: it’s all about connections. Connected Data London is about connecting more than data: we connect people and ideas. This time, besides having the privilege of hosting some very special guests, we take the stage to share our own work, too.


A 2020 Semantic Web vision for the real world | Connected Data London – Online Meetup #2


David AmerlandGeorge AnadiotisPanos Alexopoulos, and Teodora Petkova, have a few things in common. Besides being successful professionals, each in their own way, they also share a passion for the Semantic Web. As the Semantic Web is turning 20, they come together to talk about the passion.


The first rule of the Semantic Web in the 2020s is, you don’t talk about the Semantic Web. For most people, the Semantic Web is something they may be vaguely familiar with, and perhaps something that has been tried, and failed. Truth is, you may not know it, but you use the Semantic Web every day, and you love it.


The Semantic Web, soon to celebrate its 20th anniversary, may not enjoy the kind of universal acclaim the WWW got on its 30th birthday, although both were kickstared by Tim Berners Lee. It does, however, underpin Knowledge Graphs, and in that sense, it is in its heyday. We have known, loved, and used the Semantic Web for a long time, and we’ll share why we think you should, too.


The Years of the Graph: The Future of the Future is here | Connected Data London – Online Meetup #2


What is Graph all about, and why should you care? Graphs come in many shapes and forms, and can be used for different applications: Graph Analytics, Graph AI, Knowledge Graphs, and Graph Databases.


Besides co-organizing Connected Data London, George Anadiotis is a practitioner and an analyst. As someone who has been working with Graph since the early 2000s, he picked up the rising popularity of Graph as a paradigm for working with data, and has been working on collecting and sharing the knowledge in the domain. 


In 2018, George established the Year of the Graph Newsletter and Database Report. In this presentation, we’ll begin with an introduction to the different types and applications of Graphs, discuss the latest industry news and trends, and wrap up with an ask me anything session. 


Graphs in Sustainable Finance | Connected Data London – Online Meetup #2


In recent years graphs have been increasingly adopted in financial services for everything from fraud detection to Know Your Customer (KYC) to regulatory requirements. At the same time Environmental Social Governance (ESG) investing has become the fastest growing segment of financial services. 


Besides co-organizing Connected Data London, James Phare brings Connected Data solutions to the financial sector with a particular focus on sustainable investing.  James has delivered innovative data solutions in the financial sector having consulted extensively at many of the world’s largest Investment Banks, Mutual Funds and Hedge Funds. 


James is is the founder of Neural Alpha. In this presentation James will discuss how many historical graph techniques are now being enhanced for the era of sustainable investing. Going beyond definitions, we’ll identify use cases, discuss news and trends, and wrap up with an ask me anything session. 

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