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13 July 2021

Mike Bennett


Standards Coordinator


IOTA Foundation




Mike works with ground-breaking distributed ledger ecosystem IOTA to assist in bringing their protocols to standardization through international standards bodies, notably the Object Management Group (OMG). IOTA does what Blockchain does but uses profoundly different methods for the validation of 'ledger' entries without mining, leading to a directed graph or 'Tangle' rather than a blockchain as such. This opens the way to novel implementations for data non-repudiability, particularly in mobility and Internet of Things (IoT).


Mike is the originator of the EDM Council’s Financial Industry Business Ontology (FIBO), a standards-based repository for financial industry concepts and definitions and works with the EDM Council as Director for Semantics and Standards. He has over 20 years of financial industry experience with investment management software, data management systems design, messaging standards, product testing and project management.


Mike has worked on a number of financial industry standards, including the Market Data Definition Language (MDDL), the FIX message standard and others, has sat on ISO committees for the ISO 20022 messaging standard and the corresponding ISO model for securities terms and currently sits on an ISO committee for ISO 20022 and industry messaging semantics.







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