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07 November 2018

Pragmatic Semantics at Web Scale

Dr. Markus Lanthaler Despite huge investments, the traditional Semantic Web stack failed to gain widespread adoption and deliver on its promises. The proposed solutions focused almost exclusively on theoretical purity at the expense of their usability. Both academia and industry ignored for a long time the fact that the Web is more a social creation than a technical one.


After a long period of disillusionment, we see a renewed interest in the problems the Semantic Web set out to solve and first practical approaches delivering promising results. More than 30% of all websites contain structured information now. Initiatives such as allow, e.g., search engines to extract and understand such data, integrate it, and create knowledge graphs to improve their services.


This talk analyzes the problems that hindered the adoption of the Semantic Web, present new, promising technologies and shows how they might be used to build the foundation of the longstanding vision.




Dr. Markus Lanthaler



Software engineer - Tech lead, Google







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