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02 June 2021

Professor Amit Sheth


Founding Director | Artificial Intelligence Institute


University of South Carolina



An Educator, Researcher and Entrepreneur, Prof. Sheth is working towards a vision of Computing for Human Experience incorporating AI (neuro-symbolic and knowledge-infused learning, semantic-cognitive-perceptual computing). His earlier work encompassed federated databases, semantic interoperability and workflow management, big/smart data. His extensive collaborations with clinicians and biomedical researchers encompass biomedical knowledge discovery, and novel uses of social media and sensor data for patient-centered care and patient empowerment. Sheth’s most prized achievement is the exceptional success of his past advisees; a majority of his past PhD advisees have 1000+ citations each [].


Prof. Sheth is the founding director of the university-wide Artificial Intelligence Institute at the University of South Carolina (#AIISC, Earlier, he was the LexisNexis Ohio Eminent Scholar and executive director of the Ohio Center of Excellence in Knowledge-enabled Computing at Wright State University. During 2015-2018, he has listed ranks among the top 100 in the world in Computer Science & Engineering.


Professor Sheth has co(founded) four companies: Infocosm (1997), which commercialized distributed workflow product METEOR), Taalee/Voquette/Semagix (1999) which received the first patent on Semantic Web for semantic search, browsing, personalization and advertisement that involved extensive development and use of a large Knowledge Graph, ezDI (2012) which received the patent for and commercialized use of a large clinical Knowledge GRaph for enhancing NLP and clinical text understanding, and Covnovi Labs (2016) which is at the intersection of AI and behavioral science/emotion.


His research at the intersection of AI and Big Data, and semantic/knowledge-enhanced computing, is applied in many fields including health and life sciences, financial services, social good, and disaster management. He coined the terms/defined smart data (2004), citizen sensing (2008), semantic sensor web (2008), semantic perception (2009), and augmented personalized health (2016).




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