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07 November 2018 Linked Data's Gateway Drug

The talk will detail the trajectory has taken, starting with a history that is less a retrospective than a narrative. I'll follow this narrative to the fortunately-timed emergence of JSON-LD, providing as it does a flexible, standards-based serialization of the vocabulary.


This, I'll explain, helped fuel the popularity of, which in turn has caused a demand for more schemas, growing the vocabulary and its capabilities. I'll make the case that has started to resemble exactly what everyone involved in the initiative declared it shouldn't be: an ontology of everything.


Whether or not that be the case, I'll say, the utility of having a relatively simple, well thought-out, well-understood and very broad vocabulary available has made (along with JSON-LD) a go-to tool for linked data modelers.

Finally, and with a look at the many ways Google, in particular, has made use of, I'll explore to what extent its utility extends past being a convenient starting for point for back-of-the napkin knowledge graph development, or whether it's making a significant contribution to realizing the promise of a web of data.




Aaron Bradley



Knowledge Graph Strategist, Electronic Arts








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