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13 July 2021

Sebastian Hellmann








Sebastian is a senior member of the “Agile Knowledge Engineering and Semantic Web” AKSW research center, focusing on semantic technology research – often in combination with other areas such as machine learning, databases, and natural language processing.


Sebastian is head of the “Knowledge Integration and Language Technologies (KILT)” Competence Center at InfAI. He also is the executive director and board member of the non-profit DBpedia Association.


Sebastian is also a contributor to various open-source projects and communities such as DBpedia, NLP2RDF, DL-Learner and OWLG, and has been involved in numerous EU research projects.







* Connected Data London 2017 *


Data Quality and Data Usage in a large-scale Multilingual Knowledge Graph



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Linked Open Data: Is it failing or just getting out of the blocks?



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Connecting data, decentralizing the web, making it sustainable: can the semantic web do this?

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