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13 July 2021

Tara Raafat


Semantic/Metadata Architect


CTO Office at Bloomberg LP




Tara specializes in Smart Data, Semantic technologies, Semantic Knowledge Modeling,Ontology, Knowledge Engineering , Ontological Engineering, RDF, RDFS, OWL,OWL-S, SPARQL, SPIN, SHACL, Graph theory, Graph matching, Solution Architecture, Data Modeling, Ontological Approach to Process Automation, and Knowledge Graphs.


Tara led knowledge engineering projects across Mphasis, and was responsible for development of Nextgen semantic based AI applications with over a decade of experience in semantic knowledge modeling and knowledge-driven applications. She is one of the founders of the NextAngles – A semantic based next-gen compliance automation platform. Tara has a PhD in Information System Engineering.


Tara’s background is in semantic knowledge modeling and knowledge-driven applications. As chief ontologist in Mphasis, she helped construct “smart compliance” solutions, identifying relationships among financial entities/accounts and patterns of money movement. In turn, she helped build systems that analyze financial transactions and learn what activity constitutes a compliance violation.







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