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08 February 2017

Techniques for visualizing connected data

As new use cases for connected data analysis develop, more and more applications built on graph data find their way into the workplace. As a result, enterprise architects, analysts and data scientist need to communicate their graphs to a non-technical audience of business users.


This is where visualisation plays a vital role.


Graph visualisation tools give users rapid insight into complex connected data without technical knowledge. They can make decisions, perform graph analysis and query graph databases without the need to learn obscure query languages.


Increasingly too, these advanced tools not only help answer the ‘who / why / how’ questions, but also the where and when.


This tutorial gives a developer an overview of the different approaches and techniques for visualising graphs, as well as a summary of the different tools available.


Dr Joe Parry is the founder and CEO of Cambridge Intelligence. He has worked on data visualisation for intelligence systems for more than fifteen years. Prior to founding Cambridge Intelligence in 2011, Joe was the Head of Research at i2, now part of IBM, responsible for the Analyst's Notebook line of products.


Joe holds a Ph.D. in theoretical physics, obtained whilst part of Stephen Hawking's research group at Cambridge University.


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