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03 June 2019

The future is graph – knowledge graph. Connected Data London is where you get your graph knowledge

The Future of Data is Connected and Open Minded. This was the takeaway from Connected Data London 2018, as well as the connection to naturally take us to Connected Data London 2019. In other words, the future is graph – knowledge graph.


Today we are announcing our Keynote Speakers from Uber, Microsoft and, taking us on a tour de graph. The full programme of the Connected Data Labs, our workshops with some of the world’s leading experts sharing their hands-on knowledge, is out too. Plus a slew of more speakers, ranging from the cutting edge to the mainstream.



The future is graph – knowledge graph



Joshua Shinavier is a a research scientist at Uber. He is a member of the knowledge graph team, and leads a company-wide effort to unify data models and schemas across RPC, streaming, and storage. Joshua has also co-founded what is now Apache TinkerPop.


Apache TinkerPop is a graph virtual machine that brings together all graph models, vendors, and query languages. Joshua contributed to the first common APIs for graph databases, the original TinkerPop query language which influenced Gremlin, and the first tools which aligned the property graph and RDF data models. The evolution of TinkerPop is ongoing, and Joshua will share a map of the future with us.


Joshua will also provide a little background and history – because in this great future, you can’t forget your past. Seeing his personal path unfold will take us through the evolution of graph technology: the Semantic Web, personal knowledge graphs, knowledge representation vs. machine learning, and the possibilities for interplay of knowledge graphs with human cognition and perception.



Uber is not the only place where building knowledge graphs happens at scale. Microsoft’s knowledge graph has 2 billion entities and 55 billion connections, as revealed in 2018 by some of its experts. For Microsoft, graph a centerpiece of its strategy, and the message was sent out loud and clear in Microsoft Build 2019.


When David Gorena joined Microsoft some 15 years ago, little did he imagine knowledge graphs would be today a key part of his job. David is a Principal Program Manager in the Microsoft AI organization, responsible for infusing AI and Knowledge into Office Core and Outlook products. These are products millions of people use every day. Did you know there is AI and Knowledge Graphs infused into those?


David will be sharing his journey with knowledge graphs, which started in the Bing organization a few years back, progressing to his current role working with the largest graph of human activity at work ever created — Microsoft Graph — which helps power intelligent scenarios in Office.



Knowledge Graphs are becoming ubiquitous. Indeed, connections are everywhere. But what happens when you don’t have the technology, or the expertise, to uncover and leverage the relations inherent in your data? This scenario is most common than you may think, especially today, when the demand for graph outweighs the supply. This is a case for, and Giovanni Tumarello.


Graph Databases are amazing, but the “Knowledge Graph” is actually within the data itself, most of which already resides in big enterprise back ends (or no SQL systems). In his presentation, Giovanni will discuss the concept of “mixed/poliglot” enterprise knowledge graph comprised by data interconnected across multiple back ends leveraging the best out of each environment.


Giovanni Tummarello, Ph.D is founder and Chief Product Officer at Previously academic team lead at the NUI Galway, he has over 100 scholarly works on knowledge graphs, semantic technologies and information retrieval as well several startups and active open-source projects started from its research, among which the top-level “any23” Apache project, the and companies. is the Diamond Sponsor for Connected Data London 2019. Siren provides the leading investigative intelligence platform to some of the world’s largest and most complex organizations to derive business value adding insights from their data.


Made by a team of enormously passionate data discovery and advanced search experts, scientists and engineers, the Siren Platform provides a unique combination of search, business intelligence, big data, link analysis and knowledge representation which advances the way organizations address some of the world’s most important data driven problems.



Connected Data London Labs is where you get your hands-on knowledge graph knowledge



Looking forward to hearing from those leading knowledge graphs experts and practitioners? We know we are. But what if you want to do more than hear about how people and organizations use the relationships, meaning and context in Data to achieve great things?


Acquiring skills you can use in your daily work is no easy feat, and Connected Data skills are no exception. We know earning our badges has been hard, so we are trying to make things easier for you. When we announced Connected Data London 2019, we wanted our first ever workshops to be a center piece of our offering. Today we are happy to unveil the full program and instructors for Connected Data Labs 2019.


We picked some of the most sought after topics, and some of the most knowledgeable people to show how it’s done.



Introduction to Graphs and Graph Algorithms with Mark Needham from Neo4j


Using Graphs to improve Machine Learning and produce Explainable AI with Victor Lee from TigerGraph


From Taxonomies and Schemas to Knowledge Graphs with knowledge graph guru Panos Alexopoulos


From Knowledge Graphs to AI-powered SEO with Andrea Volpini from WordLift


We built our workshops based on a set of simple principles, to make sure you get the most out of them, and your newly acquired skills are transferable:


  • Sessions will strike a balance between providing necessary background and being hands-on.
  • The tools we will use for the hands-on part are free and/or open source.
  • Minimum requirements in terms of equipment or knowledge/skills attendants should have are clearly stated.
  • The material used is part of the package and will be made available to attendants.



Read more about the courses here, and see the full agenda.


The Connected Data Labs are made possible by our workshop sponsors: Neo4jTigerGraph, and WordLift

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