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23 August 2018

The next generation of Graph Databases - Tigergraph & Memgraph present

At this Meetup we hosted speakers from two of the newer graph database technologies at our August 2018 meetup -


Tigergraph from America & Memgraph from Croatia / UK.


Speaker #1 - Victor Lee - Director of Product Management at TigerGraph

Speaker #2 - Dominik Tomicevic Founder of Memgraph

Speaker #3 - James Phare - Event Director of Connected Data London




TALK # 1 - Scaling up business value with real-time operational graph analytics



Graph-based solutions have been in the market for over a decade with deployments in financial services, healthcare, retail, and manufacturing. The graph technology of the past limited them to simple queries (1 or 2 hops), modest data sizes, or slow response times, which limited their value.A new generation of fast, scalable graph databases, led by TigerGraph, is opening up a new world of business insight and performance. Join us, as we explore some new exciting use cases powered by native parallel graph database with storage and computation capability for each node:


• A large financial services payment provider is using graph-based pattern detection (7 to 11 hop queries) to detect more fraud and money laundering in real time, handling peak volume of 256,000 transactions per second.

• IceKredit, an innovative FinTech is transforming the near-prime and sub-prime credit market in United States, China and South Asian countries with customer 360 analytics for credit approval and ongoing monitoring.

• A biotech and pharmaceutical giant is building a prescriber and patient 360 graph and using multi-hop exploratory and analytic queries to understand the most efficient ways of launching a new drug for maximum return.

• is delivering real-time personalized recommendations to increase eCommerce revenue.

Bio:Victor Lee is Director of Product Management at TigerGraph




You can watch the video recording of the talk here




TALK # 2 - Enabling the Next-Generation of Intelligent ApplicationsGraph databases have demonstrated the ability for organizations, from cutting-edge startups to global enterprises, to extract data intelligence that was next to impossible with traditional DBMS.



However, first-generation graph databases fall short when it comes to delivering the real-time performance and scalability required to build modern applications.


Memgraph is on a mission to fulfil the true potential of graph databases and open the doors to a whole new era of applications, by bringing to life a high-performance, horizontally scalable graph platform.


On this evening, we will take you through our journey building the world’s fastest and most scalable graph platform, describe new and exciting use-cases we’re working on, and conclude by giving you an insight into the future of real-time graph databases and the role they will play in powering the next generation of business applications.


Bio: Dominik Tomicevic is Founder of Memgraph.




You can watch the video recording of the talk here




TALK #3 - What is a Graph Database? A rapid introduction to set the scene.



Talk description:James will kick off proceedings with a quick intro as to what a Graph Database is, the different flavours available and the current trends affecting the industry that will be discussed CDL18.

Bio:James is Event Director of Connected Data London.

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