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08 June 2018

The time of the season for sponsors: connecting People, Organizations, and Data

Why you just got 3 more reasons to attend Connected Data London.


Connected Data London is the leading conference for those who use the relationships, meaning and context in Data to achieve great things. Besides connecting data, we also believe in connecting people and organizations. Those involved in the research and practice of connected data, and those making implementing connected data solutions in your organisation possible.


Sponsors are part and parcel of putting together a successful event. Choosing, and being chosen by, the right sponsors is an art. To begin with, what does “right” even mean here?


The way we see it, it means choosing organizations that are relevant for our domain and we feel good about having onboard. Yes, we do choose our sponsors, and obviously they do choose us too. It’s a two-way street.

The idea is to make everyone – organizers, sponsors, and audience, win.


  • Organizers win if they can bring onboard sponsors that will not only be an entry in the books, but be of interest for the audience and have a message that resonates.
  • Sponsors win if they participate in quality events that attract the audience they want to reach.
  • The audience wins if they can get something not just out of speakers, but out of sponsors as well.


If that sounds a bit vague, let’s make it more concrete by talking about our first batch of sponsors for Connected Data London.


We are happy to announce TigerGraph as a Gold sponsor, and Linkurious and the Semantic Web Company as Bronze sponsors.



We have been keeping a close look at graph databases, and using them in projects, since 2005. With the growing interest in this field, it’s the right time to give them the center stage. In Connected Data London, we have a track dedicated to graph databases, aiming to present stories from the trenches as well as the latest and greatest technology from vendors.


TigerGraph is among the latest entries in the graph database world. Going out of stealth less than a year ago, it has managed to get attention in a number of ways: its massively parallel architecture, the benchmarks it has released, and the names of its clients.


As a Gold sponsor, TigerGraph will be able to connect with our audience and share its messages by having physical presence on the day of the event, including contributing a panelist for our discussion on the graph database landscape. We will work with TigerGraph to present their story via our outreach channels.



Graph databases are great, but those graphs can get pretty complex to navigate. This is where Linkurious comes in. Linkurious provides a visualization solution that sits on top of graph databases, helping users make sense of their data. Linkurious will be joining as a Bronze sponsor, connecting with our audience on-site.





And what about keeping track of vocabularies on top of graph databases, and using those vocabularies to annotate and manage content? This is what PoolParty, a semantic technology platform provided by the Semantic Web Company, helps with. PoolParty will be joining as a Bronze sponsor, connecting with our audience on-site.


We are just getting started! We have a range of more awesome speakers we’ll be announcing gradually, and more sponsors too. If you want to see your name in there, just drop us a line.


And if you want to connect and get a piece of their mind, don’t miss out

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