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13 July 2021

Tim Hill


Data Standards and Technical Lead


Open Data Institute




Tim Hill works on getting people running, jumping and generally larking about by helping develop open interoperability standards for the OpenActive initiative. Prior to joining the ODI Tim worked on open standards for a variety of research and cultural heritage institutions, including King’s College London, New York University, and


Whether it’s linking squash players to courts, papyrus fragments across continents, civic archives to citizens, or thrill-seekers to bouldering opportunities, Tim’s focus has been on unlocking data’s potential by opening and connecting it. Over the years he has used a variety of technologies to achieve this, including Java, Python, Perl, XSLT, SPARQL … whatever it takes to get the job done. He is an avid runner and cyclist, and is routinely beaten at tennis by his four-year-old.






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