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09 April 2020

CDL2020 Online Meetup, April 22: Facilitating COVID-19 Research, Connecting the Dots with Graph Analytics & Knowledge Graphs


What are some chronic issues that plague scientific research and life sciences, and how do these hinder efforts to fight the COVID-19 pandemic?


Can data, analytics, and AI help deal with the issues and facilitate research, and if yes, how?


What is the path that leads from data to AI via analytics, and how can graph facilitate better analytics and easier access to knowledge?


Is there something special about research on the Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2?


What about the social aspect of COVID-19? Can graphs help us model the side-effects of the pandemic in terms of systemic risk for the political establishment and social upheaval?



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In Connected Data London, we love real-world interaction. But we have always been active online, too. Here’s how you can stay connected while staying safe.


Our Meetups in London and Berlin have always been about connecting data, people, and ideas, in a respectful environment that fosters learning and sharing.


We are bringing the Meetup experience online, starting on April the 22nd.

As always, our Meetups are free and open for everyone to join. What’s new is, you can now join remotely.


We scheduled 2 talks with exciting speakers and topics lined up for you. If you missed them, here’s your chance to catch the replay:





Facilitating COVID-19 research using Graph Analytics and Knowledge Graphs.



Scientists, health researchers and policymakers are using all the tools they can get their hands on to try and beat the current global pandemic. Still, the global scientific knowledge base is little more than a collection of documents, written by humans for humans. 


Germany’s National Centre for Diabetes Research (DZD) is integrating data from various sources and linking them in a dedicated COVID-19 Knowledge Graph. The Open Research Knowledge Graph (ORKG) project is working on technologies for open graphs about research knowledge. 


How can these efforts inform each other? Join us for a discussion between DZD’s Head of Data Management and Knowledge Management, Dr. Alexander Jarasch, and Dr. Sören Auer, TIB Director and ORKG Lead, moderated by George Anadiotis, ZDNet contributor.  





Connecting the Dots with reKnowledge


Many AI startups claim they can solve all analytical questions using a magic algorithmic wand. But human analysts are essential actors, and instead of seeking to replace them, another approach would be to enhance their capabilities. Machine learning and artificial intelligence are one part of the bigger picture. 


Julien Grossmann is the Co-founder & CEO of reKnowledge. He will share how knowledge graphs, natural language processing and a slick user interface can help mapping and gathering critical political and violent risks indicators and events related to the pandemic crisis. To close on a lighter note, Julien will share a case study on mapping the Game of Thrones Network. 





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