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27 May 2021

Connected Data Community Hour

A talk by Ashleigh Faith, Aleksa Gordic, Paco Nathan, Bob van Luijt, Tara Safavi, Alena Vasilevich and George Anadiotis


EBSCO, Microsoft | The AI EpiphanyDerwen, Inc.SeMI Technologies, University of Michigan, Coreon GmbH and Connected Data London / Linked Data Orchestration / Year of the Graph / ZDNet



After we have enjoyed some great talks, it's time to hang out and unwind.


Let's comment on what we have seen - what stood out, and what made us wonder.


Or let's just grab a drink -- or coffee, depending on your timezone! -- and hang out.


Feel free to ask anything, feel empowered by our rigorous Code of Conduct.


We all need to socialize a bit, plus our speakers will be around too.


We'll have many breakout rooms, so we can form special interest groups spontaneously.

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