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27 May 2021

George Anadiotis


Founder / Contributor



Connected Data London / Linked Data Orchestration / Year of the Graph / ZDNet




George has been contributing to, using, & evangelizing knowledge-based technology since the early 2000s. From graph DBs, to semantic web & knowledge graph applications in the real world, & now graph analytics & graph AI. George is the founder of Linked Data Orchestration & the Year of the Graph, the co-organizer of Connected Data London, and a ZDNet contributor.


George's got tech, data, and media, and he's not afraid to use them. Coming from an IT background, he's had the chance to learn to play many instruments on the way to becoming a one man band and an orchestrator: being a Gigaom analyst, serving Fortune 500, startups and NGOs as a consultant, building and managing projects, products and teams of all sizes and shapes, and getting involved in award-winning research among others. George runs Linked Data Orchestration







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