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05 July 2017

Connected Data July meetup - Linked Data at the BBC

July's Connected Data London meetup was hosted by Valtech and featured Augstine Kwanashie of the BBC talking about his experience of working on one of the world's leading linked data platforms.


In the BBC we store data about entities like people, places, events and organisations that matter to our audiences (and appear in our programmes and online content) in an RDF store. These are then used to tag BBC content with the resulting RDF graphs helping to power audience-facing apps and websites. By connecting BBC content in this way, we help enhance content discovery, grouping/aggregation, navigation as well as personalisation and recommendations.


Augustine talked about the architecture of our linked data system in terms of resilience, monitoring, performance, tooling, data quality and validation. He also shared some of our plans for opening up the platform and making the data accessible to the general public.


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