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27 May 2024

Connected Data Reloaded in 2024

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Large language models, ChatGPT, and RAG. LLM-powered Knowledge graphs in conversational mode. Graph databases riding the RAG wave through the trough of disillusionment. Graph analytics at scale. Graph AI innovation making inroads into industry.


A book. A new product. Newsletters, podcasts, articles, and reports. Two relocations. A house, and an olive tree farm. Two daughters.


In a nutshell, that’s what the last couple of years have been like for the Connected Data industry and community at large, and for the Connected Data team, respectively. It may not look like it at first, but there is overlap and connections to be found there.


Here at Connected Data, we’ve been connecting Data, People and Ideas since 2016. We provide a community, events, and thought leadership for those who use the Relationships, Meaning and Context in Data to achieve Great things.


In 2024, we'll be expanding our reach to London and beyond, focusing on outreach, engagement and growth. We're excited to welcome new team members and partners as we continue to share valuable insights through newsletters, podcasts, articles, and reports.


Our agenda includes exploring industry use cases, driving research and innovation, hosting hands-on masterclasses, informative panels, pre-arranged meetings and engaging workshops. Join us to stay informed, share your input, and stand a chance to win a front row seat for the journey ahead!




A recap of Connected Data



The landscape and the community we are a part of, namely the intersection of Knowledge GraphsGraph DatabasesGraph AI and Semantic Technology, have seen renewed interest in the last couple of years. A part of it has to do with the growing maturity of the technology and the community. Another part has to do with the awareness brought by the AI explosion.


The emergence of ChatGPT and the subsequent hype have made people across different domains think about ways they could use Large Language Model (LLM) technology to their benefit. Knowledge Graphs are no exception.


There has been no shortage of ideas on how to combine Knowledge Graphs with LLMs. Most of them fall under one of three categories: using an LLM to create Knowledge Graphs, using an LLM to access Knowledge Graphs, or using Knowledge Graphs to augment LLMs.


We've been keeping track of all things Connected Data


The graph database market has been overpopulated. Adding to this the recent and ongoing economic downturn, what we get is churn. Some vendors were part of a wave of layoffs, others have changed leadership, funding slowed down and the economic climate has reportedly had an impact on sales.


But at the same time we have some new entries. Investing in Graph Databases has not evaporated – far from it. Graph databases keep working on becoming more accessible, adding cloud services, visual interfaces and conversational interfaces too. Graph Databases are also riding the LLM wave, coming up as a viable option for Retrieval-Augmented Generation.


Many graph databases also aim to address graph analytics at scale. Some vendors sporting new analytics engines leveraging HPC techniques, and we also have new entries geared towards analytics. Graph analytics is becoming a significant part of vendor revenue.


From ESG to Customer 360, finance, supply chains, retail and anti-fraud, graph analytics is gaining adoption. The global graph analytics market in 2022 was valued at US$1.14 billion. The market value is anticipated to grow to US$6.90 billion by 2028 at a CAGR of 34.80%.


We pioneered elevating Graph AI and data science as a topic in and of its own, including it in our program in 2018. Back then, Graph AI was considered exotic. While Graph AI is still generating lots of research output, it’s also making inroads into industry.


Structural biology is a premium area for Graph AI applications, leading to achievements such as new drug discovery and protein structure unfolding. Recently we have also seen graph AI powering materials science and weather prediction breakthroughs. Also, an AI system for tactical suggestions to football coaches, developed in partnership with Liverpool FC.


Beyond and within Connected Data


If you've been following our journey, you're aware of our commitment to staying informed. Through our active presence on social media and podcasts, we regularly share valuable research findings, industry updates, and insights from our extensive knowledge base.


But what about the recent activities of the Connected Data team? You might wonder why there haven't been any events since our Connected Data World 2021 and the 2022 Meetup.


Well, wonder no more! Our founders, George Anadiotis and James Phare, have been diligently applying Connected Data technology to meaningful projects, collaborating closely with the community to drive impactful initiatives.


George embarked on an adventure to draw a map for a previously unexplored territory: Personal Knowledge Graphs. Following the widespread adoption of open and enterprise graphs, we see an increasing number of people managing their personal data as knowledge graphs too.


A new generation of tools aiming to democratize access to knowledge management best practices and technology previously reserved for professional use is on the rise. George has spent more than a year researching and writing the first book on Personal Knowledge Graphs.


Together with his co-author and Connected Data World program committee member Ivo Velitchkov, George explored the nascent Personal Knowledge Graph domain. George and Ivo collected, reviewed and edited submissions for this edited volume. They also contributed chapters to this groundbreaking book.