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01 June 2021

Jans Aasman




Franz Inc




Jans Aasman is a Ph.D. psychologist and expert in Cognitive Science - as well as CEO of Franz Inc., an early innovator in Artificial Intelligence and provider of Knowledge Graph Solutions based on AllegroGraph. As both a scientist and CEO, Dr. Aasman continues to break ground in the areas of Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Graphs as he works hand-in-hand with numerous Fortune 500 organizations as well as government entities worldwide.


Aasman studied experimental and cognitive psychology at the University of Groningen.

His area of study included Psychophysiology and Cognitive Psychology. Aasman spent a major part of his professional life in telecommunications research, applied Artificial Intelligence projects and intelligent user interfaces.


He gathered patents in the areas of speech technology, recommendation engines, multimodal user interaction systems while developing precursor technology for the iPad and Siri from 1995 to 2004.


Prior to joining Franz Inc., Aasman worked as a professor in the Industrial Design department of the Technical University of Delft and for TNO Research.


He also worked as a researcher at the Traffic Research Center of the University of Groningen, visiting Scientist at the Computer Science Department of Carnegie Mellon University and as a Senior Scientist for KPN Research







The future of AI in the Enterprise: Entity-Event Knowledge Graphs for Data-Centric Organizations


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