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08 March 2019

More Connected, More Data, More London: Connected Data London 2019

From Microsoft Office to Inrupt Solid. From knowledge graphs to machine learning. From business strategy to Javascript and JSON-LD for semantic SEO. Whatever makes you tick, you will find it in Connected Data London 2019.


Knowledge Graphs, Machine Learning and AI, Linked Data and Semantic Technology and Graph Databases are redefining how data works. Data is redefining how everything works. And Connected Data London is the go-to event for the latest developments in these key technologies.


We are picking up from where we left off in 2018, connecting technologies, data, and people. Sharing and learning with experts and innovators in a lively setting, brought to you by a team who is part of this community.


Today we are announcing Connected Data London 2019 with our first speakers, new venue and dates, an extra day of workshops, webinars and podcasts, and more on the way.


Connected Data London 2019 takes place on October 3 and 4, at the Hilton Doubletree. First speakers include Jono Alderson from Yoast, David Gorena from Microsoft, Paco Nathan from / O’Reilly, and Ruben Verborgh from Ghent University / MIT / Inrupt.


Early bird tickets are out – get them while you can!


Connected Data London is all about learning from experts and innovators: our first speakers



Acquiring more customers, growing businesses, preparing for the future. That’s what digital marketing & semantic SEO expert Jono Alderson helps others with. Jono will explain how JSON-LD & help him.


Jono is a digital strategist, marketing technologist and full-stack developer with nearly two decades of experience in web development, SEO, analytics, brand and campaign strategy, lead gen and eCRM, CRO and more. He’s worked with startups, agencies and international brands to fix websites, implement growth strategies, prepare for the future, and win markets. Jono manages special projects at Yoast.



Microsoft Office and Outlook are products millions of people use every day. Did you know there is AI and Knowledge infused into those? David Gorena is in charge of this, and will show us how it’s done.


David is a Hispanic Principal Program Manager in the Microsoft AI organization, responsible for infusing AI and Knowledge into Office Core and Outlook products. David has also worked as a Program Manager in Microsoft Dynamics, and owned the Microsoft Mobile Advertising SDKs. He rounds out his PM and engineering experience with Team Foundation Server and Microsoft Visual Studio.



Machine learning and knowledge graphs are a dynamic duo, and few people have more experience in this than Paco Nathan. Paco will explore the best ways to mix Data Science and Machine Learning with Knowledge Graphs.


Known as a “player/coach”, Paco has expertise in data science, natural language processing, machine learning, cloud computing; 35+ years tech industry experience, ranging from Bell Labs to start-ups. Consulted the White House and WEF on AI, worked on data pipelines and Jupyter notebooks, built knowledge graphs for O’Reilly Media. Co-chair Rev. Advisor for Amplify Partners, Deep Learning Analytics, Recognai, Data Spartan, Primer.



What is Solid, the technology Sir Tim Berners-Lee is pioneering to re-orient the web to its original vision? How do Javascript and distributed querying make linked data usable? Ruben Verborgh has answers.


Ruben is a professor of Semantic Web technology at IDLab, Ghent University, and a research affiliate at the Decentralized Information Group of CSAIL at MIT. He acts as a technology advocate for Inrupt & the Solid ecosystem of apps, and has co-authored 2 books and numerous publications. He aims to build a more intelligent generation of clients for a decentralized Web at the intersection of Linked Data and hypermedia-driven Web APIs.


More Connected, More Data, More London


CDL 2018 was more – more of everything: more people, more topics, more speakers, more tracks, more knowledge sharing, more fun. CDL 2019 will be even more. This is why we are adding new dates and moving to a new venue.


Are you hands-on? Would you like to be? We are. And we felt it was about time we brought this aspect to CDL too. Adding workshops is something many people asked for, and we listened. October the 3rd will be our workshop day. Watch out for announcements, combo tickets and discounts!


Besides time, we also needed more space. This is why we decided to host this year’s event at the Hilton Doubletree, in the heart of London. This year CDL will start earlier, and last longer. The main event is on October the 4th, and October the 3rd is our workshop day. We can’t wait! Literally, we can’t wait.


Obviously organizing CDL takes time, and we know you also need time to plan your visit. October gives us all enough time to plan, but we want to stay connected in the meanwhile too. As you probably know, we often share our thoughts, news and things we find interesting via our blog and social media. We are also adding more ways and channels to connect: hello, podcasts and webinars.


Hello, Instagram.



As you may know, we have a YouTube channel, and we thought we might as well use it for more than event videos. Our first webinar is in the works! Stay tuned as we announce date and topic soon, and look out for podcasts too. And, we thought we’d add Instagram to our social media channels while at it too. We can do visual too – check it out!






Connected Data London 2019 is on!


Secure your chance to learn from experts and innovators, get your ticket early! Limited number early bird tickets available.

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