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27 April 2020

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Connected Data London is the leading event for those who use the relationships, meaning, and context in Data to achieve great things.


We have been Connecting Data, People & Ideas since 2016. Our topics revolve around AI and Machine Learning, Knowledge Graphs, Graph DBs, and Semantic technology. We are proud to have hosted a number of thought leaders and innovators, from the likes of Bayer, the BBC, JP Morgan Chase, NASA, Uber, Zalando, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft.


Normally, we have f2f Meetups in London and in Berlin every couple of months. This is April 2020, however, and the world is in lockdown. Unfortunately, we are not able to engage in the normal social interaction we are used to. Since we like to see problems as opportunities, however, we have taken the opportunity to open up our Meetups for everyone, whether they are in the same location or not.


On April the 22nd, we initiated this round of online Meetups with some timely topics and distinguished guests. We hosted a panel discussion on Facilitating COVID-19 Research using Graph Analytics and Knowledge Graphs, and a talk on Connecting the Dots with reKnowledge.


We had the pleasure of hosting Dr. Sören Auer, Director of the Leibniz Information Center, Head of the research group Data Science and Digital Libraries, and Lead of the ORKG Open Research Knowledge Graph project, and Dr. Alexander Jarasch, Head of Data Management and Knowledge Management at the German Center for Diabetes Research, and member of the COVID Graph project team. The discussion was moderated by George Anadiotis, ZDNet contributor.


Facilitating COVID-19 Research using Graph Analytics and Knowledge Graphs: Learn all about it!


We talked about scientific research. At this time, it’s a topic that attracts more attention than usual, from a wider audience. The reason is that the scientific community across disciplines is focusing its efforts on fighting the coronavirus pandemic.


Our discussion covered lots of ground, from issues pertaining to scientific research in general, to the specifics of life sciences and COVID-19 research, the organization of knowledge, information querying and visualization using graphs, and more.


During the panel, we had a live chat and a Q&A session. We tried to address as many questions as possible; for the rest, look out in our social media!


Stay safe, stay connected, join our podcast


We have created our Connected Data Podcast, and we are looking forward to connecting with all of you on this exciting medium. We have started by streaming our diverse and multi-faceted talks from previous events.



Now new material will be shared as a podcast, too. The Connected Data podcast has its own home, but you can enjoy it on Apple PodcastsSpotifyGoogle Podcasts, plus a number of other platforms, or subscribe via RSS.


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