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17 September 2019

Visualising knowledge graphs

We have 2 great speakers for September's meetup - Duncan Grant of Marklogic and Dan Williams of Cambridge Intelligence.



Speaker 1: Duncan Grant, Solutions Engineer at MarkLogic



Title: Visualising knowledge graphs



Knowledge graphs are an ambition many organisations have to integrate, organise and analyse their data. Visualisations are a great way to make sense of knowledge graphs, but they can only be useful if the data underpinning them is insightful and usable. In this talk, we’ll explore each level of the stack of an application which ingests, harmonizes, models and visualises data. We’ll look at how to make the data available via a restful endpoint and the things to consider in modelling the data in both the backend and frontend. The landscape of both proprietary and open source tools available for network visualisations will be discussed and backed up with different examples, from visualising the evolution of music to accelerating drug discovery for pharmaceutical researchers.


Bio: Duncan is a Solutions Engineer at MarkLogic and has been working with graphs and linked data for 9 years. Having previously worked at Cambridge Intelligence, developing KeyLines and building real-world applications focussed on visualising graphs. He now works at MarkLogic where he helps organisations tackle large-scale data integration issues (with linked data triples being just one part of that).




--- You can watch the recording of the talk here ---




Speaker 1: Dan Williams is Head of Product Management at Cambridge Intelligence



Title: When graph visualization goes wrong - some pitfalls and how to avoid them




A run through of some of the worst connected data visualizations I've seen, some thoughts on why they didn't work - and what you can do to avoid falling into the same traps.


Bio: Dan is Head of Product Management at Cambridge Intelligence, makers of the KeyLines and ReGraph toolkits for network visualization. He has 20 years experience in B2B software, and has worked with clients ranging from aerospace and automotive to healthcare and government.




--- You can watch the recording of the talk here ---

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